Feedback from Our Clients

As Dave Howlett, Founder and Managing Director of the Real Human Being networking assocation sagely advises, “you can’t call yourself a ‘good guy’ or ‘amazing woman’ but you can always act like one.” The best indication of our commitment to RHB principles is the feedback we receive from our clients.

“I’d like to thank you again for all your time, work and advice.  Its been a great boost, both technically and strategically.  Its taken my CV from one that blends in with everyone else’s to an executive level version that will surely be noticed.  More importantly though, its been a huge moral boost.  After contacting you , I suddenly felt like I had someone in my corner who has the experience, perspective and professionalism to guide me through a tense and at times, confusing period.  It’s invaluable and immediately began changing my outlook.  I appreciate your approach, your concern, your ability to understand my specific story and then figure out how to best tell it without forgetting the big picture.  It has helped me put things in perspective and revive what was, up until a week ago, a flagging and discouraging job search.  Ill try to keep this momentum going and incorporate the lessons I’ve learned into my next steps.  Thank you!”
RV, Security Consultant

“Have had a look at the resume. Wow, I like it a lot. This is something I can speak to in an interview. I have no changes for the content at all, except in the “Clients” list. I want to add #######. I agree, this is very different from a ‘typical’ resume. Personally I believe it works, in fact I am over the moon with it.”
Subsequent feedback: ” ‘Congratulations on this document – it looks great’. That was the comment I just got from one of the VP’s at #### Partners after forwarding my new resume to him. YES!!! It’s so nice not to be defending my resume!”
JM, IT Executive

“Thank you so much for all your assistance in creating yet another stepping stone in my career, I am very impressed with your work ethics and quality. I have sent off the documents, lets cross our fingers… I hope you welcome some referral business as I do intend to refer your services out. Thank you again so much!”
MP, Candidate for Regional VP, Insurance Industry

“Thank you for working so hard on this and doing such a great job. The blue is certainly different and eye catching and the profile is fantastic!”
JL, Law Enforcement Services Candidate

“WOW! I brought my resume to a recruiter today and they were very impressed. After two months using my old resume and nothing happening, I have three interviews this week!”
VB, Office Manager

“Again, thanks so much!.. I am very tired of the current “rut” and am very happy for the professional make-over!…”
JL, Environmental Project Manager

“Thanks for the great work on my CV. It is a dramatic improvement both in content and visual impact…”
PB, Marketing Executive

“Thanks Karen! It really does look awesome. I am glad I went with you…”
AT, Network Administrator


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An award-winning Certified Résumé Strategist, Karen has crafted top calibre career transition packages for thousands of clients. Her specialty is helping people identify and articulate their unique brands and value propositions, and she is passionate about empowering clients with the tools, strategies and confidence to take control of their career search. Read more...

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