Case Studies and Samples

A selection of our previous work.

Executive Consultant Résumé

The client is a project consultant whose original resume is a 15-page, highly technical list of government and corporate projects. It is ultra-focused on systems and process, but presents zero information on the client’s value-added. He needs a concise résumé that clearly brands him as somebody who can manage complex, multi-million dollar strategic IT planning and change management initiatives for corporate and government organizations.

New Graduate Résumé

The client is one of thousands of new actuarial grads across Canada who will be competing for a limited number of internship opportunities. He used the advice from the “how to write a resume” workshop at school to create his original, but knows it isn’t going to cut it in a highly competitive internship market. He came to us asking for a “kick ass” résumé that will help him to stand out from the crowd.

Chief Financial Officer Résumé

The client is a Certified Management Accountant who has been on retainer as a consultant with her previous employer. She is ready to take her career to the next level, and needs a résumé that presents her as executive-level material. Key elements of her value proposition include ability to improve cashflows in organizations that are “in transition”, and manage fiscal due diligence and regulatory compliance in publicly traded companies.

Retail Management Résumé

The client has 18 years of experience in retail management, and needs a résumé to apply for a regional manager position with one of her current employer’s main competitors. She needs a resume that conveys her knowledge of high-end retail and ability to deliver results in sales, profitability, customer retention and brand integrity.

Office Administration Résumé

The client has been laid off from her senior accounts payable position, and has signed up with a temporary placement agency. She is not being offered positions that are in keeping with her skills and experience. A review of her original reveals that she is completely underselling herself. She needs a résumé with a compelling value proposition that positions her for office management and supervisor opportunities in accounting and general administration.

Sales Résumé

The client has fifteen years of sales and customer relations experience. His original résumé presents him as a junior sales representative, and he needs one that will enable him to successfully compete for senior-level sales and business development roles in companies that are focused on growing their global markets.

Food Service Executive Résumé

The client has been with the same firm for 10+ years and is ready to take her career to the next level. Her job search strategy will include both “cold” and “warm” outreach tactics, so she needs a resume that would work both as a high-impact marketing tool for in-person networking, and a keyword-rich tool for applying to online positions, should they arise.

Operations Executive Résumé

The client has been in the manufacturing sector for 15 years, and his current company is in final-stage negotiations for acquisition by a large European competitor. He needs a resume that will serve two purposes – first, as a marketing tool to the new owners to demonstrate how he has contributed to the value of the company; and second, to present to executive recruiters to explore other opportunities, if necessary.

IT Manager Résumé

The client is an IT professional whose original five pages provided an in-depth chronology of how he spent his days for the past nine years. Not surprisingly, the recruiters weren’t knocking at his door. We completely transformed the document to focus specifically on the results he delivered – which turned out to be quite an impressive list of accomplishments once we cut through the jargon and techy-speak. We were able to do this while still incorporating the keywords that would generate hits on resume search engines. Since only the last five years matter in the IT world, details are only provided since ‘03.


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