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Interview-on-Demand™ Using VerbalSummary™ Technology – How Cool Is That?

May 20th, 2011

I’m excited! Over the next couple of months, I’m going to be putting together some new coaching and career marketing packages that I know will take my clients’ job searches to a whole new level. Sure, it will still involve creating killer resumes that get noticed, but this is just one tool in the arsenal. It will also involve providing state-of-the-art options to reach recruiters and hiring managers where they are at – on their smartphones, through social media, and at in-real-life networking events and business functions.

verbal_summary_logoOne of the innovations that I will be offering is Interview-on-Demand™ using VerbalSummary technology, a tool developed by recruiter Jerry Albright to present candidates to hiring managers.  Using Interview-on-Demand™, we will create a two to four minute audio clip with a link imbedded in your resume, in which you respond to some typical interview questions about your particular area of expertise.

Why is this so powerful? My goal has always been to create documents that capture my client’s voice. Interview-on-Demand does that, and even more.  By pressing the play button on your resume, recruiters and hiring managers will get authentic insights into your strengths, your personality, your approach to work, in a way that can’t be conveyed on paper. Jerry’s been using it for a couple of years now, and not only has it helped to grow his business exponentially, but it’s shortened the time to hire and substantially reduced the effort it takes to present his candidates. Using VerbalSummary technology, the candidates literally present themselves.

Isn’t This Just the Same as Video Resumes? Not even close. Video resumes have numerous downsides. Aside from obvious production quality issues, they create an opening for discrimination claims, they don’t work on all platforms, and they don’t easily fit within existing candidate screening and recruiting processes. Interview-on-Demand™ will be built right into your resume, so it will work in conventional resume distribution models.

Interview-on-Demand™ won’t just be limited to resumes. We can use it in your LinkedIn profile, QRcode it in your business cards, embed it in your blog, or add it your email signature – any way that you use to communicate.  And that’s not even the best part (although it is pretty good), the best part is that, using VerbalSummary dashboard, we’ll be able to track in real time how many times your Interview-on-Demand™ has been listened to, so that we can gauge how well your job search strategy is working.  Pretty cool, huh?

When Will Interview-on-Demand Be Available? In the next few weeks Jerry and I will be working out the nuances of adapting a recruiter-focused tool to the needs of a career coach (really, the tool is so well designed that it won’t take much), and I will be putting myself through  VerbalSummary™ bootcamp to master the technology.

If you would be interested in being a test pilot for Interview-on-Demand™, then let me know.

Career Coaches and Resume Writers who may be interested in adding this to their service offerings, let me know.

In the meantime, here’s a sample of VerbalSummary in action, so that you can get a taste of how this whole thing will work.


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