Is your Job Search Strategy up to the challenge?


North Americans are facing the most complex and challenging job market in recent history.

Never before have so many highly qualified and accomplished professionals populated the talent pool.

Even if you are the most accomplished, most qualified – in fact the perfect candidate for the job! – if you aren’t thinking like a marketer, then your Job Search Strategy may not be working for you.

A marketing-savvy Job Search Strategy should include:

CRS LogoResumes that are tailored for specific opportunities: Just as the “cutting-edge” in marketing continuously evolves, so does the cutting edge in résumé design. If you aren’t using today’s best practices in résumé style, structure and content, then you run the risk that your résumé will leave you at the back of the pack.

A strong and consistent Online Footprint: Use social media channels, LinkedIn, professional blogs, and contributions to professional  sites to create a strong online footprint and ensure that your Career Marketing Plan is Search Engine Optimized.

A plan of attack for Researching and Targeting Specific Companies & Industries: There’s a wealth of information available on the internet for researching companies, identifying decision-makers, understanding the implications of industry trends, and assessing potential risks, challenges, pain points and opportunities. Capitalize on this research to position yourself as the perfect solution.

An offline Networking Strategy: 25%+ of jobs are filled through referrals. Use marketing collateral and networking skills to build contacts who can help you get in the referral loop.

A stand-out-from-competitors Interview Strategy: It all comes down to this.

Whether you are:

Between engagements

Ready to take your career to the next level

Looking to take your career in a new direction

Resume Confidential can equip you with the Career Marketing Strategy and Job Search Tools you need to excel in today’s job market.


Meet Karen Siwak

An award-winning Certified Résumé Strategist, Karen has crafted top calibre career transition packages for thousands of clients. Her specialty is helping people identify and articulate their unique brands and value propositions, and she is passionate about empowering clients with the tools, strategies and confidence to take control of their career search. Read more...

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